We have a culture of service and teamwork that has only become more entrenched and on display over the last month. A series of family medical emergencies, weather related issues, large events, and renovation and infrastructure projects were no match for this team. Everyone came together and conquered all seemingly without pause.

January saw the release of a new payroll platform, led by Toni Cosey-Williams. Toni was responsible for the flawless implementation, impeccable internal customer service, and education outreach, ensuring all were aware of how the new platform operates. This was done while she continued pitching in for others when needed, and expanded her own education, taking additional accounting classes to improve herself and add value to her position here at Complete Crewing.

Dawn was hit by a car and injured while crossing the street, but still willingly jumped in to cover for a colleague who was out for a family medical emergency. I’m proud to work with someone as selfless as Dawn, someone who gives of herself without a second thought. I also extend my thanks to Liha for springing to action to care for Dawn and ensure her safety.

In the simple things, too, this team shows an incredible level of care and commitment. I’m talking about something like taking care of equipment after a large week-long event. Joel, exceeded client expectations on a grueling week-long show, and still took it upon himself to help with preparing safety equipment – a task usually performed by another.

Thank-you also to Darren, Liha, Pam, John, and Floyd for all your hard work and for being there to support our team. Whether tending to a sick loved one, enduring a polar vortex, or working to better themselves or others, someone on this team is always there to lend a hand, an ear, or a shoulder. You all have made Complete Crewing THE place to work. It’s an honor to be a part of this team.

Written by Dan Kantor, CEO of Complete Crewing

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  1. James
    James says:

    Ever since I started working with Floyd, (2001?) he was a personable and human individual. We always knew he was The Boss, but he made you feel like he was “one of the guys”. Darren and John treat you with respect, and I give respect back to where it comes from. Sure, sometimes what we have to do is not my most favorite thing, but I will do it for them because I know that when they feed us, when they have extra swag, whatever, they treat us like “one of the guys”. But most of all, it’s what “The Show” needs. I want to show my best effort, and these guys let you know when you do a good job. But it’s all about the show. What do we want to do to make the show better? If you are a “Bean Counter” leave the room now. Complete Crewing will fix it. Nothing ever works exactly perfectly the way it’s supposed to. “Serving Suggested” The Big Mac they give you in the window never looks like the Big Mac in the picture. Complete Crewing gets it. We do the best we can with what we have, and, Damn it’s Quite Good!

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