Health & Safety

We firmly believe in a safe working environment for all, and Complete Crewing is proactive when it comes to developing and maintaining safe work practices. The crew is our most valuable asset, and their health and safety is our primary concern.

The range of contractors on site at any one time can include stage construction, rigging, lighting, sound, video and more. In such an environment it is essential that all parties have at least a basic awareness of the hazards that they may create or encounter.

Accidents are preventable when everyone is trained and aware of the type of hazards in our industry, so all Complete Crewing staff are trained in Health and Safety.



We operate closely with OSHA protocols, ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program), and the Event Safety Alliance to promote safe working practice awareness within our workforce. Our company safety officer is OSHA 30 certified, and all of our crew coordinators have at least OSHA 10 certification.

Complete Crewing is an ETCP Recognized Employer, pledged to reduce risk and promote workplace safety. We exclusively utilize ETCP Certified Riggers on our crews, and employ ETCP Certified Electricians in appropriate positions on our calls.

We are also members of the Event Safety Alliance and support their training efforts and the development of the Event Safety Guide.


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