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Hiring the right crews in the Chicago market can be challenging whether you're looking for individual stagehands, projectionists, electricians, or an entire production staff. It’s a substantial investment that can contribute to or subtract from your bottom line and the success of your show. As Chicago’s largest production and staging labor source, we provide you with important leverage with our Union partners.

Union jurisdictions and affiliations are often complicated and confusing, and the rules that apply to one venue often do not apply to the next. Incorrect information or faulty assumptions about union relationships and jurisdictions in Chicago can cost you time and money. We always deal directly with union business agents to confirm your crew requirements. Exact duties of all show positions are detailed on our call sheets, so the unions know whom to put on the show – sending you crews with the right know-how. 


To help you make informed decisions regarding stage labor, we have prepared summary jurisdictional breakdowns and union pay policies for most Chicago venues.
Sample Jurisdiction Breakdowns:

Major Chicago Convention Hotels Convention Center Venues


The Complete Crewing Advantage

You may be required to work with as many as eight different unions during the course of a single event depending on the venue. Plus, signing union contracts is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly. It exposes the signatory to the legal responsibilities of an employer of record, including obtaining Worker’s Compensation Insurance, issuing payroll and union benefit checks in a timely manner, year-end tax filing, withdrawal liability, and many more considerations.

As Chicago’s leading staging and event labor contractor, we have years of experience
working closely with the various stage and exhibit trade unions in the city, including:
    IATSE Local 2 Stagehands
    IATSE Local 110 Projectionists
    IBEW Local 1220 Video Technicians and Camera Operators
    IBEW Local 134 Electricians
    USWA Decorators Local 17
    Carpenters Local 10
    Teamsters Local 727
    Machinist Riggers Local 136

Due to our long-term relationships, business agents and their members understand our expectations and are happy to work with us. We also have our own, hand-picked A-list crew.

We also offer flexible, non-union labor solutions for your unique needs. We have a vast network of freelance technicians in all stage and AV labor disciplines; in cases where non-union labor is recommended and available, we can assemble a crew of the finest professionals in the market.



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